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What's the best software for "mail-merging"?

I believe SalesHandy is the best option here. SalesHandys mail merge feature allows sending emails to 200 contact after every 3 hours and overall, 1600 recipients in a day. This email mechanism will restrict your emails ending up in the spam box. It also provides SMTP setting which can allow yahoo and hotmail users to use mail merge and other features. The concepts behind mail merge are appropriate for any situation where an email has to be sent to multiple people, but each copy will have some unique fields. Send personalized annual meeting mails to shareholders Admin executives to send event invitations School Principal to send personalized exam results to students User can make csv file according to the format. First name, Last name, email address and companys name. First four fields are important to make an appropriate data. User can make numerous Csv file according to their needs. SalesHandy provides detailed analytic of your email campaigns. Who is opening your email Who is replying Click tracking Attachment tracking. Complete report in email

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