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How to complete any Form 80 online:

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Australian immigration

Instructions and Help about Australian immigration

Hi I recently submitted euy for steady navigation and just wanted to share the oldest trucks with everyone before please reading make sure you have your skills Android's minutes assessed by the relevant Authority which in my case was SES your English testing requirement is complete and your educational documents are with you because the the information from these documents will be required during this application first of all we will create a skin select account okay so just open this URL accept the agreement and enter your personal details in if any help is required there are customers with every field you can just see the detail from there just make sure your DS think match with your documents okay click the next step and just confirm the information you provided earlier okay so to create an account you need to pran email address and generate a password again you can always check the question mark through help box to see what they are talking about and this is very important just make sure you are using the you know your usual email address in my case I have used in the password as my preferred document as you can see I've opened the scan of a password in the background to make sure that information is correct and click the next button okay the count is created and you should receive an email from Skinz right within an hour I see you in like ten minutes okay so now you have to log into the skillet account and I will show you the email okay this is the ml and yeah they have created a new IDE Oh iid and I can login so the first step is to select the visa type which in my case is independent subclass 189 you can select multiple users but I will go only with one I am not including any family so I will just check no no for this case and of course you can save the UI application anytime so here I will submit the English language test against which in my case both ayats just prthe del u information of that test you have to enter the test date and a reference number which in Al's case is test reports home number it's usually at the end of the document once again you can see that my is load is opened on the right side so I can just write from there okay now we will submit the education details in my case only for bachelor's degree so I will just add it one thing to make sure is that the course name and institution name have limited correct a space for characters so you can always you know use used just confirming it will be you know is right there okay and now we will enter details which were assessed by 80s so my nominated ago probation will be two six fifty per.

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