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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing apply for australian visa online

Instructions and Help about apply for australian visa online

And you can Music first of all you have to create enemy account which is gonna be the gateway for your visa application so that just googling me account go to the first option applying online in a me account this is gonna be your gateway to the visa application go to any account sorry for the slow internet connection now you have to create an account over there as you can see I can log in to my account because I have already created an account what new account you have to go to create any account and then you have to do the simple process of creating any online account it's very simple as I have already created my account so directly log into it so this is the starting page now go to continue go to new application I already got my visa so you can see over there this one is visa type I got my visa on 11th of September I applied on 23rd August so it took around 18 days normally according to the website it says that the processing time is around 20 to 30 days so now go to new application here you have to select visitor visitor visa 600 so this is the total number of page of the whole application form 20 pages will be there I have read and agree to the terms and conditions click over there click Next current location is the applicant currently outside of Silla so you was probably going to be applying from India so you have to click yes you have to mention your current location this is India legal status will be a citizen list all reasons for visiting Australia your purpose will be basically tourism give details of any significant dates on which step Lincoln needs to be in Australia you can put any date when you are planning to visit so it's not gonna be the final date of your visit as you can see and so you my application form I put the date as 25 October to 15 November but actually I went on 26th October and I came back on 10th November so it just needs to be tentative date you don't have to give the final date was January yet February also you can give 38 January you can also give because I will be applying for the three-month visa so within 3 months it's ok you can change your dates later on it's not confirmed that it's a flexible let is this application being lost as part of a global application no you are playing individually so just click no move ahead it is showing you an error because I didn't select this one it's gonna be your to restream select the stream the applicant is applying for so it's going to be tourist stream tourism visit family or friends next okay sorry I left this one as well is the applicant representing a.


How do I apply for Sri Lanka tourist visa from India?
When it is all about getting ETA visa foe SRI Lanka, ETA application can be submitted using one of the following options:By the applicantBy Third party (Click here for the best one)At Sri Lanka Overseas MissionsAt the head office of the Department of Immigration and Emigration (DI&E), ColomboOn arrival at the port of entry in Sri LankaFirst, you need to make sure to comply the basic requirements needed for the visa you are applying.If you hold a valid passport from an ETA-eligible country, you may Apply Online for Australian ETA Online for Sri Lanka.Although you can apply visa to Sri Lanka on arrival but to avoid unwanted delays and last-minute issues, it is recommended to apply your Sri Lanka visa before you book your tickets and hotels.Applying for Sri Lanka visa is no longer stressful or time-consuming as you can apply for a Sri Lanka visa online from the comfort of your home.Thanks to the technologically advanced ETA Visa which spares the trouble of queuing outside government agencies for hours.Only you have to fill out the online Sri Lanka visa application form with all your valid details and submit it by paying the visa fee online. Get your Online tourist visa for Sri Lanka through your registered email. The complete process is stress-free and saves your valuable time!1. Go on this link Click on Apply for ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) online3. Fill online application form4. Make payments (minimum service fee)5. Receive confirmationDone! It would take around 2 hours to 48 hours to receive your ETA copy.All the best!
How do I apply for an Australian tourist visa online via immiaccount?
There’s basically two types of Immiaccount- individual and organization. The former is for solo applicants, an immediate family member or a friend who can apply for a visa or citizenship. And the latter is for migration agents who are applying for a visa or citizenship on behalf of their clients.It’s really easy to get yourself an Immiaccount. You need to fill the application form that can be found at . After which, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection takes an average of five working days to process your request.To find out more of what it has to offer check this article written about immiaccount[1].Footnotes[1] Immiaccount- What Is Immiaccount And Why You Need Immiaccount?
My occupation is not listed on SOL, but it is listed in the CSOL. Can I still apply for Australian PR? How do I go about it? Kindly help
Hi,Yes, you can apply for Australian Permanent Residence as your occupation is listed on CSOL (Consolidated Sponsored Occupational List) now known as STSOL (short-Term Skilled Occupational List).You will need to apply for Austraila Skilled Nominated Visa 190 and Australia Skilled Regional Provisional Visa Subclass 489 as your occupation is listed on CSOL.Austraila Skilled Nominated Visa 190 allows an applicant to live and work in Australia for indefinite period of time. The main requirement is a state/territory nomination or sponsorship to apply for Visa 190.Check your eligibility to apply for Subclass 190On the other hand, Australia Skilled Regional Provisional visa subclass 489 is point based temporary visa that is valid for 4 years. An applicant with subclass 489 visa is expected to live in the regional area of Australia for at least 2 years and work for at least one year. The main requirement is a state/territory nomination or a family sponsorship to be able to apply for visa subclass 489.Are you eligible to apply for skilled regional provisional visa subclass 489?Apart from the occupation listed on Australia’s occupational demand list, the other important criteria are to meet the eligibility requirements to apply for Australian permanent residence.The applicant must score at least 65 points out of 100 on Australia assessment grid in order to be eligible to apply for Australia PR. The points are calculated for age, educational qualification, work experience, relevant skills, language ability and other factors.Check your immigration point score using Australia Point CalculatorThe higher are your immigration score, the better is your chances to receive Australia PR.Therefore, after calculating your point score and checking that your occupation falls under STSOL, you must follow the immigration process for state sponsored visas mentioned below:· Take a skill assessment test with a relevant assessing body. The assessing body views your profile on the basis of your educational qualification, occupation and work experience. A positive skill assessment is required to move forward for Australia PR.· Submission of Expression of Interest (EOI) through online skillselect. EOI is your way to show interest of living and working in Australia. The skillselect asks the number of questions related to your education, work background, skills and abilities.· For state sponsored visas, you must get a nomination from the relevant state/territory. If a particular state/territory likes your profile, you will receive a letter of invitation to apply for Australia sponsored visas.· After receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA), you may submit your final application to The Department of Immigration and Border Protection.· After final call from DIBP, acknowledge receipt of your visa.For a better clarity, it is suggested that you contact the visa and immigration experts of Aptech Global at 7503832132 or mail your query at or at aptechvisa reviewsAdditionally, fill the free assessment form and the immigration specialists of Aptech Global would call you back to guide you in an effective way for Australian Permanent Residency. You can also read Aptech Visa reviews before starting your Australia immigration process.You may also like to read- All About Latest Australia Immigration Updates w.e.f. 1st July 2018
How do I start the process of applications for permanent residence in Australia?
Hi,Australia is a perfect country to migrate to as a permanent resident. There are many visa options available to you on the basis of your preference and purpose of residing in Australia. You may select for skilled migration visas, family sponsorship visas or business innovation visas.Assuming that you are skilled worker and willing to live and work in Australia on a permanent basis under General Skilled Migration program namely,· Australia Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189· Australia State Sponsored Visa Subclass 190· Australia Skilled Regional Provisional Visa Subclass 489Keeping the above mentioned visa categories in mind, I would like to explain you the Australia PR steps.Step-1: You first decide the best visa category under General Skilled Migration visa and check for your nominated occupation on Australia Occupation Demand list 2021. The list consists of those occupations that are in need in Australia labour market.Read more- Documents Required to apply for GSM ProgramStep-2: After checking your nominated occupation, the next thing you should do is to check your eligibility requirements to apply for Australia PR· You must fall under 45 years of age· You must score a required language proficiency score· You must meet character and health requirements· You must score at least 65 points out of 100 on Australia Point Assessment grid. The points are calculated for age, educational qualification, work experience, skills, language proficiency and other factorsCalculate score using Australia Point CalculatorStep-3: Take skill assessment testThe assessing body asses your skills and educational qualification. On the basis of their analyses you receive a positive or negative report.In order to proceed further, you need a positive assessment reportStep-4: Submission of Expression of Interest onlineSubmit Expression of Interest through Skill Select online that asks you a series of questions based on your educational background, skills, and work history.Step-5: Wait for state/territory nominationIf you have applied for state nominated visas, you will get a nomination letter from the Australian government provided they like your profile.Step-6: Apply for Australia PRAfter getting an ITA from the Australian government, you will get a time period of 60 days to apply for Australian Permanent ResidencyFor further information in this regard, it is suggested to fill the free assessment form and the visa experts of Aptech Global would get back to you to discuss your immigration case for Australia or you may also contact the experts at 7503832132 or mail your query at or Aptech Visa Reviews
How can I apply for an Australian student visa?
When one thinks of study abroad, studying in Australia becomes the most preferred one not among Indians but also among students worldwide due to the system of education in Australia which is quite unique from other countries. Thus students prefer to study abroad in Australia. Here, if one is going to study in Australia for a longer period of time, then one needs to apply for a Australia student visa.Let us help you with the same step by step:Get CoE from a school in Australia:It is mandatory that one gets enrolled at an Australian school before one applies for a student visa to Australia. Once the student receives the offer letter from the school, they have to accept the offer in writing and pay the tuition deposit after which the school will send the CoE which is Confirmation of Enrolment. The CoE document is mandatory for one to start their visa application. However separate CoE’s are required if one is applying for different programs in Australia.Account with the Australian immigration authorities to be created:Since nowadays Australian visas are applied online before start of visa application, one needs to create an account at where one needs to submit their name, phone number and e-mail address after which one gets to create a password after accepting the conditions of the school.Be sure to have all the needed documents in digital format:It is necessary that before applying for a student visa one sees to it that one has all the documents like one’s CoE, one’s OSHC health insurance, Passport which should preferably be valid for the whole stay of one in Australia since it becomes a trouble to extend one’s passport there when one is on a student visa, proof of temporary stay whereby one has to certify that one plans to stay only for a temporary period in Australia. This can be proved by providing a proof of employment or a letter from your school in home country or similar documents. Sometime additional documents may be required depending on where one applies from and where one intends to study like additional id documents such as birth certificate, proof that one can finance their studies such as bank statement, proof that one has enough knowledge to pass one’s intended studies like one’s grade reports and IELTS test result, proof of previous employment such as employment contract, pay checks etc., and many more. It is necessary that if one wants to apply online, all documents should be uploaded in a digital format and for that it is mandatory that one should have proper access to a scanner while doing the application or should have all the documents scanned in advance. Also all the documents should be translated to English by a certified translator.Completion of visa application online:One needs to apply for a student visa subclass 500 whereby the application can be made as early as 124 days before the course starts which starts from the date on one’s CoE. On the first page one needs to fill in one’s nationality and CoE codes. Also one should choose one’s education sector like ELICOS for language courses or higher education for courses that leads to a university degree after which one will be asked to submit personal details, family details, answer questions about one’s previous education and work experience and submit details about one’s health and criminal record.Payment of visa fees and getting a TRN-number:After completion of application one needs to pay the application fee with a credit card online. Once done, one gets a receipt with a TRN-number which is Transaction Reference Number which should be saved in order to check the status of one’s application.Health checkup and interview:Depending on where one will study and live one might also need to do a health checkup and/or attend a visa interview. Information for the same will be received once one completes their application. It is advisable not to do the health checkup before one has completed their application as one will need the TRN-number as well as instructions on what one needs to check. Also one should have their checkup done only by Australian immigrations approved doctors.Know your visa decision:Nobody can exactly predict the time frame for one’s visa decision as it depends entirely on the place from one is applying as well as how busy the Australian immigration authorities are. As such one usually gets their decision within one or a couple of weeks once their application is complete. However one can check the status of one’s application by logging into the immigration website and also if need be by entering their TNR-number. Usually once the visa decision is made it is e-mailed by the Australian authorities and since the visa is an electronic one, for the sake of a physical proof, one can print the grant letter which one receives online after approval of one’s visa.Get Ready for Australia:After receiving the visa one can enter Australia as early as 90 days before the start date of the course printed on the CoE. If one’s accommodation is not done through one’s school, then one needs to inform the school of their accommodation in Australia within 7 days of arriving there. Normally one has the right to stay in Australia for 30 days after completion of their course or 60 days if their course lasts longer than 10 months all of which should be written on the visa.
What is it like to live in Poland?
I am 30 and 27 of these years I have spent in Poland, 2 in Ireland, and 1 in Cyprus (last 5 years in Poland).Money:If You have good earnings living in Poland is great, most of things are little cheaper than in Western Europe (dont expect that everything is cheap as water in Poland), if You earn enough to afford private healthcare You are set ,) public healthcare is so-so, but You have to expect long queues, rude people, and stupid rules.Downside is that median of earnings is very low (most of citizens earn low) despite that avg salary is ca EUR 900. Most people earn ca EUR 500 or less which is not so great, since most of this money will go for food and accomodation spendings. If You are able to earn avg salary You are able to have a good life, not luxurious but good enough (decent clothing, holidays abroad, good car). For the same standard of living in Western World You need little above minimum job, in Poland You need good job.People:Although polish people tend to be sad and rude when You'll approach them with smile and politeness they will return the same - but still when You ask them  "how are You" in most cases You will hear something like "SSDD" instead "fine, and You?" But as more and more polish people have some stories living abroad this is changing for better.Most concern of polish people is lack of money, so they are little grim over that - give them good money - they will be happy just like being high ,)Safety:Poland is safe country - we eradicated crime, and our Police is quite good working, chance that You will be mugged in broad daylight is the same as any other western countries. At night - just keep off some areas.And on a "game day" of speedway or football (yankees call it soccer) just stay low, cause there is many of hooligans on the streets then or at least dont wear any club colours (You never know which are the right ones - even within one city clubs).If You are planning to set up company in Poland Your only problem is beaurocracy, if You heard something about mafia and protection money - thats old times. Now it is really safe - some companies just moved from Ukraine and Russia to Poland even.Politics and religion:polish people are mostly EU-friendly, they benefit from EU a lot. There are some national wings but they are not having great effect on countries politics, our newly elected  Member of the European Parliament Janusz Korwin-Mikke - despite his radical thoughts and actions doesnt have such impression on country as it is in Hungary and Victor Orban.Religion - thats tricky - we are catholics, but we do not attend church to much, unless there is christening, wedding, communion or funeral mass.Polish people hardly accept other religions, especially these that are really visible (like muslim woman wearing their head scarfs). And it is better not to get into discussion on religion, neither politics - I believe that there is more fight over that than over living problems ,)But it is safe to be atheist ,) or catholic "believer-notparticipator"Summary:POLAND IS GREAT COUNTRY!We are not so spoiled as Western World, we work hard, and know the value of it, we are civilized (not like Russia), we like to drink and have a fun.If You know Your way around and You know language You will be happy to live in this country, despite some obstacles like healthcare, bad roads, low income, beaurocracy, some stupid politicians (but You will find them everywhere). The one major issue to be solved is lack of money, but things are slowly changing for better.Oh, and learn Polish language - despite teaching of languages in school we are sloppy at them.
What are the ways to immigrate to Canada without a job offer?
Hi Yinka,There are a few ways to migrate to Canada without a job offer:Education - if you can afford it, get a Canadian Education, preferably a Graduate (Masters) degree. You'll be given a 1–3 (usually 3) years Post Graduate Work Permit on graduation.Skilled Worker - You can look into Canadian Residency application. Canada is always looking for skilled workers. What skills do you have? Check for skills Canada is looking for to see if you're a good fit.Spousal sponsorship - If you meet a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident as a future partner, they'll sponsor you to migrate to Canada.To the poster, if you have been asked to find a job before immigrating to Canada. Search the Canadian job websites: Workopolis, Monster, Indeed, Jobrapido, etc. for jobs in your field. You have to understand that whoever will employ you has to pran LMIA (Labour Market Assessment) to the Canadian government to prove that there's no other Canadian who can do that job.However, even though eligibility states you need to have a job offer, I'm sure you are approaching it wrong. If you start the application, you should be able to create a job profile & link to the job bank.What matters is that your skills are listed as one of the skills currently needed in Canada. You don't need to have a job to apply. Although if you have a job offer, it'll increase your points, give you a very high score & enable you to be selected from the pool quicker than others.
How and where to apply for visiting visa to Australia from India?
Indian nationals will be able to lodge Visitor visa applications for Australia online from 1 July 2017.Online application offers option for payment of the visa application and also the ability to check the status of application. The visa is Subclass 600. This applies for both Tourist and Business Visitors. You could also apply thru VFS Australia Visa Information in India. They charge around INR 1000 for the services and additional fees for notarization if any.Applicants must satisfy few essential criteria:‡ they must be able to prdocuments supporting genuine intend to stay temporarily in Australia‡ they must have access to or have adequate financial means to support themselves,Here are the steps:Filled in Form No. 1419 (Application for a Visitor visa- Tourist stream)A demand draft on behalf of AUSTRALIAN HIGH COMMISSION for AUD 140 equivalent INR payable in New Delhi or pay online.Photocopies of all printed/visa pages of the passportA 45mmX35mm passport sized photograph , face should be at 80% ratio.Return tickets if available.A simple itinerary mentioning dates and the places you are planning to visit and accommodation details .Bank statement showing enough money to cover the trip , around INR 2 Lakhs would be ideal.Photocopies of income tax returns of the past three years.Letter from employer confirming employment with the firm and details of leave grantedCopies payslips of the past six monthsTravel insuranceProcessing times for visas could be anywhere from 15–30 days however when you apply online it will be faster, as both applications and supporting documentation are immediately available to the processing office.Visa is not pasted on the passport but you will receive an electronic authorization that you could take a print and show at the immigration counter.Bon VoyageCheck out my Australia Travel stories at Solo in Sydney or Opera Queen & Darling ‘H’
How can I apply for the Australian visa lottery?
If you want to migrate to Australia, check the Immigration web siteAustralian Government Department of Home AffairsDon't get sucked in by scammers.There is no such thing as a visa lottery in Australia.Immigration is based on merit.
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