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I need business email databases for the USA, the UK, Canada, Germany and China. The databases should contain the email address, city and business area. Where can I find or buy it?
Global B2B Contacts has complete listing of all the business contacts around the globe. Our expertise has worked hard to get the quality contacts. We work exclusively with our clients to understand their marketing needs. We have business consultants who will guide you the right solutions for your marketing needs. Our goal is to deliver high quality marketing contacts.Our full range of services from email appending to online campaigns, enables marketers to - reach, interact, and further enhance relationships online.Our strategy enables our clients to achieve superior marketing results by successfully combining online and offline efforts.Global B2B Contacts is a Specialist seller of Business Databases and Email Lists from all distinguished countries including USA, UK, Australia, Canada and other parts of the world...If you’re in need of business data or email lists for your email, fax, telephone or postal marketing needs, our databases gives you 100% satisfaction and great results. Our Business Databases consists of Company name, Full Address with Zip Code, Telephone Number, Fax Number, Email, URL and Business Category etc.All our Business Databases and Email Lists are verified using several  methods and confirmed in last three months. So you can trust and confidently run your marketing campaigns. You can purchase our databases and download them instantly in Excel formats.Check our website -
Why are you lying about your ancestry? Everyone knows that you're French.
This is kind of hilarious given that the accent aigu on my last name often makes people assume that I am French.In actuality, the accent aigu is not part of our traditional family surname. It is just something my family added after moving to the US, so that only like 80% of Americans assume our first name is “Dave”, instead of like 98% without the accent.“Sure are a lot of Daves in your family!”“Yep. Even the girls.” Sigh.Also, I obviously don’t understand how to fill out forms that ask for Surname/Family name/Last name. Like an idiot I keep writing my first name for these. Luckily, the hourly workers doing data entry on the other end are smarter than me, and they properly switch my last name to be Romeel as it’s obviously supposed to be.Invariably, when people finally realize that my last name is Da-vay, they’re like “Oh what an interesting name. Is it French?”Nope. I am part-Indian, part-Scottish/Irish, and part-Bavarian. No French in there. But feel free to think I’m French, just so long as you don’t call me Dave.
How does WBJEE counselling work?
WBJEE counselling procedure is very much similar to the counselling procedure adopted in JEE MAINS. After obtaining a rank in the exam interested candidates will be required to generate username and password and will have to pay the registration fee. This registration fee will be non-refundable,which is around 500. After registration candidates will be required to fill their choices online through the website. After declaration of round 1 result a candidate will be left with 3 choices. 1- accept the seat and take admission in the allocated seat.2- consider the candidate for up-gradation to higher filled choices.3- surrender the seat and pull out yourself from the counselling procedure.candidates will have to report to the reporting center within the specified period of time and will have to submit their choices failing to do so in round 1 will automatically remove you from further consideration and you will loose your seat. For choices 1 & 2, candidates will have to pay seat acceptance fee which will be returned in further rounds if you opt for choice 3( but will have to report to the reporting center,otherwise the candidate will not be able to claim it).This procedure will be repeated for three rounds and extra rounds can be introduced if the counselling team feels the necessity of it.In last round you will be forced to either accept the allocated seat or surrender your seat.
As a teacher, what is the scariest thing you've seen a student do?
I owned and ran a large daycare in my home for 20 years. I played with and educated hundreds of children.Here is a list of a few of the scariest things I have been through. Oh, and in 20 years I only suggested to the parents of 7 children that their children might be happier somewhere else.1. Walked into the kitchen to find water streaming into the kitchen from the kitchen window. I run outside and find a set of twins holding my hose turned on full blast into my kitchen and laughing at the top of their lungs.2. Same children, this time both of them are peeing in the big box of Stuffies. And laughing.I talked to the parents about these two every single day because they were not listening and were giving me a very hard time and each parent separately would say “ there's nothing wrong with them. When we have them, they obey us perfectly” and then I would watch them chase those kids back and forth in the front yard yelling “Come back here, give me your hands! come back here!”.They got to find a daycare where they would be happier.3. I had a girl, preschool age who would rock against the front bar in her highchair and sexually excite herself every day at lunch. Then after nap she would creep around and try to injure the animals and weirdly spy on people. She would also hurt people, kids and adults. Her mother wanted her to have a bigger education so she put her in a preschool only to have her get kicked out every day so her mom would have to pick her up and bring her back to my house. Every day. I spoke to her mom about symptoms of abuse, she denied anything was going on.4. One of the nicest, friendliest children was an absolute magnet for injuries. One day he fell off the indoor jungle gym. When he sat up his wrist was bent in a way that no wrist should be. He grabbed it and flapped it and went “Aaarrrhhh!!!” and set it! Then his mom took him to the ER for X Rays and a cast.A year later he's back at the hospital with a hair from my son's tarantula in his eye.Two years after that I watched him jump down a hill and get up with a stick through his foot.
How would you earn 10k per month illegally (no drugs/killing)?
Alrighty! I want $10,000 dollars a month‡ can’t do it legally‡ can’t kill‡ can’t be drugs‡ hmmm. Ok, I think I got it.Step one: get to a large city. This works better in larger cities.Step two: get duct-tape. Needs to be duct-tape, not just any tape.Step three: Locate and plot a map of all vending machines in the area (avoid police stations and schools). There are typically a couple in hospitals, large office buildings, recreational facilities, etc.Step four: Use the duct-tape to clog up the coin dispensary in the vending machine.Step five: Make sure you have 100- 150 vending machines plotted out‡ preferably get more.Step six: Go around once per week to every vending machine. Do this on a rolling basis, meaning do 1–30 on day one, then 31–60 on day two, etc.Step seven: sleep. You always need this!Calculations: Assuming 100 vending machines‡ average of three dollars change per day (there will be losses if someone figures it out‡ most people won’t even bother if there change doesn’t come out‡ most people kick the vending machine and walk away in frustration), you will get 100 * 3 * 30 = $9000 per month. Not quite 10K, but this was the low end‡ get more vending machines and you’ll be golden! Of course, until you get caught‡ which is the problem of doing things illegally.Personally, I recommend erring on the side of the law. It’s typically a lot less work and you avoid jail time by making your money that way! In no way do I advocate stealing!Also, to supplement your income‡ and this is a really twisted move‡ stay in a building, that has one of those charity coin/ money things that you can roll down coins into, after it shuts down for the night. Use a small scooper attached to bicycle spokes to grab bills and coins. Then hide in bath room or somewhere else safe for the night‡ and walk out with the crowd the next morning:)‡ also, I advocate for not doing this!
Does the U.K. ever get jealous of America's healthcare system?
Small anecdote.When I worked in USA, I fell and broke my jaw. I could not go straight to the ER because I was leading an expedition along part of the AT.I went to the ER when I got back, I presented them with my insurance card, and they took x rays, and provided care.Then, I found out that my insurance would not cover this, because my injury was one covered by “workers comp” which is when your employer is liable for the cost of medical treatment based on their insurance for employees injuries at work.THEN I found out that I couldn’t claim on workers comp because you have to report the incident within 12 hrs. Which is not possible if you are trekking through wilderness with no means of communicating (this was pre mobile phones)After a YEAR of discussion and disagreement, I wound up having to pay for the treatment myself. Out of pocket. Despite having several million dollars worth of cover on my insurance. Despite not having done anything negligent.Several years later, I had occasion to claim on my medical insurance in the USA again. Again, I presented my insurance card, and received treatment. AGAIN I ended up having to have extended discussions with my insurer, who, in this instance EVENTUALLY covered the expense.When I am in the UK, however, I simply arrive at a hospital, get treatment, and go home, safe in the knowledge that, unless I need further treatment, which I also won’t have to worry about the cost of, I need never worry about it again.I mean, OK the staff in USA were usually NICER to me (NOT always, I have received some amazingly kind and warm care in UK, even just as the visitor of a patient), but, the statistical outcomes in USA are actually worse, the faff to get anything covered even if you ARE insured, and the fact that unless you can afford health care in the USA you are deemed not to deserve any, means that no, I would much rather the UK system.
I am getting IT in MAIT (IPU), how can I get my branch upgraded to CSE after the first year?
You need to score good marks, 80% would be good enough. Then there is a form that you have to fill out which you can take from the examination cell of your college. Alot of students aren't aware of the form and miss out on the chance to upgrade, so don't be that person.
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